Connecting Digital Nomads with coworking communities in the Arctic regions.

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Connecting Digital Nomads with coworking communities in the Arctic regions.

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Explore the Arctic: Keep your dayjob

We are a network of coworking spaces remote areas of Iceland, Norway, Greenland and the Faroe Islands. We invite you partcipate in small and resilient communities at the edge of the world, live in harmony with nature and make the spirit of exploration an adventure your every day life.

The Spaces

N68° E13°

Lofoten, Norway

Arctic Coworking Lodge

N61° W6°

Vágur, Faroe Islands

Faroes Coworking Adventure

N66° W23°

Westfjords, Iceland

The Blue Bank

N61° W46°

Narsaq, Greenland

Hotel Narsaq


Why Are Digital Nomads Flocking To The Arctic?

While it might be hard to conceive of flying to the Arctic Circle to find a place to open your laptop, that’s exactly what I’m doing right now ...

Co-working spaces and digital nomads in the Arctic

You would be surprised to find coworking spaces there, because – why? Most of the population within reach would not need one ...

FAO and Future Food Smart Ocens Climate School

In the remote Westfjords of Iceland, a group of climate activists and entrepreneurs gathered to find practical solutions to today's challenges.

Digitalir nomadar og útjaðaraøkir (In Faroese)

Seinastu árini er eitt nýtt slag av ferðafólki, sokallaðir digitalir nomadar, vorðnir alsamt sjónligari kring Heimin. Digitalir nomadar eru fólk, sum ferðast kring Heimin og hava sítt arbeiðið við á ferðini.

About us


Arctic Digital Nomads is a network of coworking communities. We offer inspiration from the ever changing nature of the arctic environments. The character that is fostered by this environment prepares you for the dynamic and ever changing world of creativity and innovation.

As a digital nomads you will be welcomed into our local communities. You are invited to take inspiration and energy from the nature outside and embrace the harmony between the traditional ways of life and the emerging industries of the future using location-independent work.

Experience the small and remote cultures of the north that have a unique perspective on community, resilience and learn how they are adapting to an ever changing world.

Here you will find a balance between new experiences, work, self-realisation and you will be a part of sustainable social development and nature.



Workshop 1: 26-27 April

Results from the first workshop of the Arctic Digital Nomads network, held in The Blue Bank in Þingeyri.


ADN Brand Identity

Identity guide for the Arctic Digital Nomads brand. Produced by Leiry Seron in cooperation with ADN members.


The principal supporter of the project is NORA, with addittional support to the Blue bank from Öll vötn til Dýrafjarðar project.